How to Celebrate Your Dohale jevan During Quarantine

We all want to enjoy festivals and want to have fun with the family in the form of festivals and family functions. We always make plans to celebrate various festivals and functions where all family and relatives meet each other and enjoy the moment.
Due to this pandemic, many plans got canceled like marriages and many family functions however, we can still enjoy the festival with family and relatives. Now you might be thinking about how we can do it, so let’s take a look at how we can still manage the functions in this crisis.
One of the famous functions is Dohale Jevan, which we all always celebrate with family and relatives.

Functions during Covid-19

Let’s take a look at what’s the best way to celebrate the festivals during a pandemic.

•  Limited Guest

In this pandemic we can’t invite all of our relatives and friends, we have to invite the guest as per the government norms and can invite-only 50 guests. As responsible citizens, we must follow the rules and regulations, especially during the pandemic. The less guest we invite the fewer chances of risk due to Covid-19. Plan the function in such a way that all will be safe and sound.

•  Limited Food Items

When we decide on less invitees in the same way we have to think about the crisis and we have to finalize the limited and the best items so that food must not get waste and all the invitees get the best food possible.

•  Safety Measures

Taking the precautions during the pandemic is always advisable and when we are inviting people to celebrate. As a precaution measure, we must distribute the face mask and sanitize must keep on the entrance and at the various places of the venue. Dohale Jevan is such an event where the entire guests greet to would-be mother so we must request the guest to sanitize themselves before and after the meeting would be mother, this will be the best practice for the guest and they would-be mother.

•  Maintain the Social Distance

Dohale Jevan is an event where all guests dance, eat, and make fun of each other means all the guests are in the complete fun mood. In a happy mood, we might forget the social distancing and there will be a risk for everyone so maintaining social distance and it is good for everyone.

•  Return Gift to the Guest

We must appreciate the guest are coming to meet and bless the would-be mother so we must give them the return gift so they also feel special, this small gesture will make the image of the best host in the mind of the guest and they always come to you whenever you invite them and they will always ready to help you during the adverse time. Inviting people on Godh bharai already made them felt the near and dear of the host and giving them the return gift felt them special.


Celebrating any event with all kind of safety and measures make the event more enjoyable and guest will also enjoy and they feel then they are treated well by the host and appreciated by the host to visit them during this pandemic. In a nutshell, prepare the best plan with all measures and safety for everyone and make everyone happy.