Naming Ceremony during COVID-19

Naming ceremony is a very important event in the life of a newborn, naming ceremony gives the identity to the newborn which will be with him for the rest of his life. The naming ceremony during the pandemic has to celebrate with all kinds of safety so that everyone will be safe. Let’s take a few steps which will make you and the guest safer during this pandemic.

• Limited Guest

During the crisis, it’s always a best practice to invite the limited guest and that’s what the government instructed to invite the less guest. It is very difficult, however, we need to call all these people who are very close you the family and close friends, the less the people the more each and everyone is safe and there will be more fun as all are close relatives and friends.

• Limited Food Items

When you decided to invite very few people as per the government instruction and if there are fewer people then there has to less food items as well so that food won’t get wasted and all the invites can enjoy the food in an effective way. Naming ceremony food has to be very delicious so that guests will remember it for a long time.

• Distribute Mask

This is the best security measure from the COVID-19, wearing a mast not only keeps you safe but it keeps safe to others as well. Naming ceremony is a function where family members always want everyone should be safe and sound; this attitude will lead you to distribute the mash as request people to sanitize themselves for higher safety.

• Return Gift

To make any event memorable for the guest then one of the best things is to give them return gift, this makes them feel special and they will have the good memories of the naming ceremony, if we have the good memories during the COVID-19 this will be the best thing we can ever think of.

•  Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the aspects to be safe and keep others safe from COVID-19, maintaining the social distance during the naming ceremony is very important as all the may not maintain the social distancing during the event.

•  No touching the baby

This I think is the most important thing to keep in mind during the naming ceremony as the newborn has weak immunity and more vulnerable to the diseases. The naming ceremony is for him so we must make sure that all the guests maintain the safe distance from the newborn and only mother will be touching the baby so that there will be no risk to the baby during the naming ceremony.


Celebrating the naming ceremony during the COVID-19 is a risky affair however; if we follow certain steps of safe then there will be no worries. Guest and the family ember want to finish the naming ceremony with the good memories so for that safety and following the rules is very important. Be safe and have fun.